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A strong foundation sets the stage for a successful partnership


Obtaining an in-depth understanding of your strategy and objectives is fundamental and sets the foundation for success. We partner with you to work as one team to move quickly from concept to commercialization.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your strategy and your needs
  • Seek to create value by leveraging our expertise and resources to add perspective and provide insights
  • Embed ourselves as part of your organization and partner to work as one cohesive team


A full suite of design, rendering, analysis, simulation, moldflow, artwork & other modeling software

A thorough understanding of your success criteria married with our production expertise allows us to offer unique designs with the end product in mind. That doesn’t mean we play it safe, it means that we will give you creative, manufacturable design choices.

  • Lead collaborative brainstorming and ideation sessions to get a feel for your preferences on any number of variables
  • Leverage technology to produce real-time renderings and sketches that mimic the real world
  • Narrow the field based on those preferences and your success criteria

Design & Development

3D printing, 3D scanning, and rapid prototyping

Industry leading software and in-house prototyping capabilities allow us to move quickly from conceptual drawings to 3D designs to physical parts. This stage ensures form, fit, and function, based on your pre-defined success criteria.

  • The 3D product designs become the recipe for simulations and physical prototypes
  • In-house prototyping capabilities and 3D printing technologies are employed to construct a physical part
  • Form, fit and function can be evaluated quickly and cost effectively

Prototyping & Optimization

Quality systems

Tooling and manufacturing expertise allows us to rapidly develop unit tools for quick manufacturing and our years of experience, working in highly regulated environments, ensures that we don’t miss a step when it comes to quality control.

  • Concurrent “design for manufacturing” steps taken during development allows us to rapidly develop unit tools and produce plastic parts
  • Design for Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing philosophies with emphasis on “Right First Time” leads to production ready parts for evaluation and testing

Manufacturing & Distribution

Diverse manufacturing platforms and full-scale logistics and distribution

We believe in “Doing it right the first time” coupled with a lean manufacturing mentality. We are experts at scaling up quickly and efficiently. We can serve you from our strategically located manufacturing and distribution locations across the US.

  • Full-scale manufacturing and distribution solutions have been scoped out well in advance to ensure we meet or exceed your commercialization timeline
  • A comprehensive team manages the seamless integration of full-scale production into one of our manufacturing and distribution operations
  • Continue to trust us to execute while we partner to unlock growth on the next opportunity

About Us

A Legacy
of Quality

From our beginnings in the healthcare market in 1949, Comar has expanded into a number of other markets by providing innovative product design and development solutions focused on consumers and end users. We have a longstanding reputation for developing creative, industry- compliant packaging and dispensing solutions for customers in a variety of markets who count on us for quality driven engineering and manufacturing. Currently, Comar holds over 80 patents and six trademarks supporting products, tooling, and processes.

About Us

Partner With Us
to Unlock Growth

Our proven IDworks™ process starts by developing a complete understanding of your strategy and the specific success criteria for each project. Based on that criteria, we assemble optimal resources and execute from concept to commercialization by providing industry leading marketing and design ideas, ensuring optimum speed to market and leveraging technology to ensure flexibility and low cost of acquisition. Close collaboration and real-time interaction with your team results in winning outcomes.

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